About the Workshop

Education plays a remarkable role in the economic development of any country. Over the last decade, despite the fact that there has been remarkable progress in Indian higher education system there are a number of problems plaguing our system one of them is that of inequalities, more specifically between quality of rural and urban system of higher education. There are a number of problems facing rural higher education. They include inadequate quality institutions, low Gross Enrolment Ratio, high level of dropouts, high cost of education, lack of equity, political intervention and bureaucratic inertia, inadequate infrastructure and absence of competent and qualified staff and academic head. In the April, 2019 NIRF ranking by Ministry of Human Resource Development showed that 99% of top ranking colleges India are located in urban area even though 60% colleges in India are located in rural areas. So the quality and standard of higher education in rural areas have to be improved and the Academic heads have to play an important role in it. For this a strong leadership is warranted. Keeping this in view the programme is planned to improve the multidimensional leadership skills of Academic heads. The programme will be packed with lectures, case studies and group discussions.